DUGL-The DOS Ultimate Game Library

DUGL : The DOS Ultimate Game Library

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A rain simulation with 20 transaprent clouds, 1500 vertical mapped transprent lines and
15 drops moving over the screen.


A 2500 trees forest, with a fog effect.


This demo use 500 solid blended polygones to make an animated smoke on a 16bpp 640x480 graphic mode.


This demo show DUGL fast real time bluring on a 16bpp 640x480 graphic mode.
On each frame it render on the screen a rotating 3D cube, a big RGB triangle and a moving text


Paint use the Mouse events stack to let the user paint with the left and right mouse buttons.


Blur use the 16bp to-from 8bpp conversion functions and blur function to blur a picture.


Lights show how to draw textured polygones under DUGL and much more ...


Sprites show how to draw sprites and test the sprites drawing speed on your computer.


Avent is a sample adventure game like. You will be able to navigate throug menus, adjust sound volume, and enter to the game to see moving sprites and do just one action :)